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  Health is the most important value in the life of every human being. When there is a disease that we or our loved ones are confronted withwe immediately seek professional medical advice and assistance. The idea behind the concept of the social project is to assist the public in finding the right doctor for within a short period of time. It often happens that findinga competent doctors requiresinvestment of the huge amount of valuable time. We are a team of young, creative peoplethat have decided to create a single platform where any person in need can meet their demands by finding the right information about the doctor, medical facilities and other useful issues related to health. The site contains a consolidated database of doctors in Kazakhstan each doctor having their own profilewhich reflects all the professional information and the ability for customers to leave feedback. 
    Doctors on our website are included based on the assessment of various important criterias such as reviews of patients who were satisfied with the medical care received and recommendation of colleagues within the health industry. Majority of the doctors have a scientific degree of candidate or doctor of medical sciences, the honorary title of Professor, are members of the International Association, have a category that emphasizes the presence of a deep knowledge of modern medical practice.

We do not charge the doctors for their publications on the website!
Morevoer, the websiteoffers full information on existing facilities related to health and beauty including health centers, clinics, hospitals, spas and fitness centers, beauty salons, vitamins and dietary supplements (dietary supplements).

 Everything we do is aimed at improving your health and saving your valuable time when dealing with all sorts of issues related to health! 
Good luck and stay healthy!

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